You may forward your email to a personal email account using the Suffolk University Outlook Web App. You can download a print version of these instructions, Information Technology Services Bulletin: Forwarding Your Email Account with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

 1.  From the main Outlook Web App Window (Inbox), select Options.


 2.  In the dropdown menu that opens, select Create an Inbox Rule.

 3.  In the new window that opens, select New.

 4. From the two drop-down menus in the next window, select [Apply to all messages] and Redirect the message to...


 5.  Enter your personal email address--the one to which you want your email forwarded--in the To text field of the Address window that opens. Check your entry carefully.  A typo can send your email to a stranger's inbox.

 6. The  new rule window will open.  Again, check your email address to be certain that it is correct.

 7. When the warning box opens, select Yes.

The windows will close, and your email forwarding will take effect.