Suffolk University’s Spam Quarantine is a web server that stores and provides access to your spam email messages. It will allow you to easily review your messages and, in the rare event of a false positive – a message incorrectly marked as spam – it will provide a link to immediately release the message to your inbox.

Suffolk Spam Quarantine Notification

Details of the Suffolk Spam notification

The Suffolk Spam Quarantine Notification is an email message sent to you by the quarantine system listing any spam messages received since your last notification. Notifications are delivered to your inbox daily.

The notification has several parts:

  1. General instructions about the notification
  2. A link to the web interface of the Suffolk University Spam Quarantine: This will take you to a web page that displays all of the held messages.
  3. A list of the messages that have been marked as spam. Each row represents a single message, displaying the sender, subject, and date of the message.

To release a message that is not spam, click on the Not Spam link to immediately release the message. It will be delivered to your inbox as normal.

The subject of each message is a link that will display the individual message in the spam quarantine web interface. Note that viewing the spam in this manner will not release it to your inbox.