• Account Deletion and Removal

If you leave the University’s employment, you will no longer be able to use your Suffolk email account.

The account belongs to Suffolk for the purposes of performing official University business.  Once you leave control will revert to your immediate supervisor and anyone else required to take over your former responsibilities.  Access for you will be revoked the day of your official departure.

If you used the account as a personal address during your tenure, it is your responsibility to notify all personal contacts of your address change.  Information Technology Services can, with your manager’s approval, set an auto-reply message for 2 weeks which will notify senders of your change.  You will need to create an account with the email provider of your choosing and give ITS the forwarding address before you leave Suffolk permanently.

Additional Assistance

Please contact the 
Help Desk.
Email us at
helpdesk @suffolk.edu
or call 617-557-2000
(2000 on campus)

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