The size of your email account is limited to 1Gigabyte (GB). This includes emails in your inbox, all attachments, sent mail and deleted folders, and any folders that reside on University email servers.

To determine if a folder resides on the email server, and not on your local computer, open your web email in the Outlook Web App at Any folders that appear in the left column are on the server, and count as part of your limit.

If your account exceeds 800 MB, the system will generate a warning message. If your account exceeds 1 GB, you will be unable to send or receive new messages until the size of your inbox is reduced to less than 1 GB.

An individual message from the Exchange server cannot exceed 30 MB, including text, headers, and attachments. Messages over this size will not be accepted by the system.

We recommend that the combined size of all your folders on the server and your local computer, including Inbox, Sent Items, and any other folders you create, including archives, be held to a maximum of 2GB. Accounts larger than 2 GB are more likely to become corrupted, leading to a loss of data.