• Using Outlook Email

Outlook email allows full flexibility whether you want to sort or search your emails, customize or change your emails, create archives and memos, or communicate with your colleagues on and off campus.

Changing Your Outlook Window
A choice of different views can highlight your priorities and help you organize.

Using Plain Text and HTML
The HTML view in Outlook offers email customization, but the plain text view has other advantages

Your Email Signature
Your email signature can automatically add the contact information recipients will need to respond to your email

Email Forwarding
Suffolk allows forward your email to a external account, but it is discouraged when exchanging sensitive data.  The University is not responsible for lost messages on forwarded accounts and is likewise not responsible for content sent or received via forwarded accounts.

Setting Up an Out of Office Reply
Set it up in Outlook on your desktop, or on the Web with Outlook Web App.

Address Caching
Outlook 2007 has a feature in which it caches previously used address and auto-completes them for future emails.  During the migration this cache may need to be cleared in order to resolve problems with migrating to Exchange.

Searching Your Address Book
You can easily set Outlook to automatically search the Global Address List in addition to your own local contacts.

Account Limitations
The size of an individual email, and the number of files you keep in your folders are limited to protect everyone’s service.

Email Quotas
The size of your mailbox is limited, and going over can delay your emails.

Deleting and Purging Messages
Exchange does not require messages to purged as the old system did.  Messages are automatically forwarded to the Deleted Items folder when they are deleted.

Using Email Folders
Email Folders can help you archive emails in a way that makes sense to you. 

Using Email Categories
Categories allow you to group and color code your messages.

Create a Memo to Yourself
You can create quick memos or notes to yourself an save them to your Inbox for ready reference.

Search for Text in Messages
There are numerous ways to search for a specific email, even inside the text of the message.

Email Archives
You can archive your emails, but still have access, to keep within the limits of your email quota.

Aliases for email users are available for a limited number of business uses.

Supported Protocols
Exchange Server supports MAPI and ActiveSync Protocols for use with various devices.

Sending Bulk Emails
Bulk emailing from Outlook is limited, but the University offers other options.

Account Deletion and Removal
If you stop working for Suffolk, you can arrange for an autoreply message even though your account will be closed.