• Using the Spam Quarantine Interface

The Spam Quarantine Interface


When you click on the links for Your Email Quarantine or View All Quarantine Messages in the Spam Quarantine Notification, you are taken to a web page that allows you to view, delete, or release spam messages.

The interface has a number of features to let you manage the messages stored:

  1. List of all messages
  2. Not Spam button. When active, click to release the selected messages to your inbox.
  3. Delete button. When active, click to permanently delete the selected messages.
  4. A Check Box next to each message in the list. Selecting a check box activates the Not Spam and Delete buttons.
  5. A Search Box that will allow you to search messages by sender or subject. The Advanced Search link allows you to search with more criteria including a date range.
  6. Navigation tools allow you to jump to other messages and display more per page if there are more than 25 messages in the quarantine.