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Project Requests and Management

The Project Management Office of Information Technology Services supports selected projects that call for ITS resources including hardware, software, including cloud based solutions, development and support, using proven project management concepts, techniques and tools.

ITS requires a Project Request Form for projects involving or interacting with ITS and the technologies it manages on behalf of the University, its offices, and departments. The process for approving projects is currently under review by IT Governance system, which consists of academic, finance, and administrative representatives from across the University. You can learn more about the IT governance structure at ITCG site.  Please complete the form and have it signed by your VP or Provost and send a scanned copy with the signature(s) to itsprojects@suffolk.edu.

The form contains two pages: a general information page that provides information for the five Working Groups and IT Governance Committee to review and a Security Information questionnaire that will be reviewed by the Chief Security Officer.

Once the form is received, you will be contacted by the Project Management Office and meetings will be scheduled to help you prepare for your project request presentation to the Working Groups.

Please contact the ITGC Project Manager if you have any questions.

Project Request Form

Initial Project Request Form