• Public and Private Computers

Using a computer in a public place, such as a library, an Internet cafe, or a hotel lobby, can put your information at risk. With Outlook Web App, you can protect yourself by logging in properly.

Outlook Web App provides two options when you log in: Private Computer, and Public or Shared Computer. Suffolk recommends that you always use the Public or Shared option when you access your email from a PC that isn't owned by the University.

Each option provides the same access to your email, calendars, and contacts. The difference is that the Public or Shared option times out, or closes, if it is inactive for 15 minutes. If you select the Public or Shared option and you forget to log out, the system does it for you.  It's best, however, to always log out when you finish using your mail.

The University defines a private computer as one that has only a single user accessing it more than 90% of the time. If other users periodically log in to the system (particularly those whose employment status is that of a contractor or part-time employee) then the computer is considered to be shared. 

When it doubt, always choose the Public or Shared option.