Microsoft Outlook is not required to use email. The Microsoft Outlook Web App is available on the Web at

Outlook is the only desktop email program that is compatible with the Microsoft Exchange Server. It can be configured for the University servers by creating a new Profile.

Setting Up a Profile

  1. To add a new profile to Outlook , click on Start, Settings, and then click on Control Panel.
    If display is set to Category View, change to Classic View by clicking on Switch to Classic View in the upper left corner.

  2. Double-click the Mail icon within the Control Panel window. When the Mail Setup window opens, click on Show Profiles.

  3. In the Show Profile window, click on Add, then type in “Suffolk Exchange” as the Profile Name and click OK.

  4. Enter your full name and your email address (, then click Next.

  5. After a few seconds or a minute a login window will open. Enter your login information as follows:
          Username: adm\username
          Password: yourpassword
  6. Click on Next and then Finish to complete the Wizard.
  7. If this will be your only email account that uses Outlook, click on Always use this profile and choose Suffolk Exchange from the list. If you don't select this option, a pop-up box will ask you to choose your profile the next time you launch Outlook.

    Click OK to close.

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