• Changing Your Outlook Window

There are a variety of ways to set up the email view window. Click on View from the menu bar. There are three main elements that you can add to your main Outlook window. 

The first one is the Navigation Pane. Once you’ve turned it on you will be provided with some quick launch buttons, at the bottom left, for your mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

The second view choice is the To-Do Bar, which will provide you with a mini calendar, current and up-coming appointments and tasks.

The third selection is for the reading, or Preview Pane. This pane allows you to do a quick preview of the email message contents. It appears just to the right, or bottom, of your current folder list, depending on how you chose to have it appear.

You can arrange your email messages in two methods. The first is to click on View, from the menu, select Arrange By from the dropdown list and then choose one of the options listed. The other way is to click on the Arrange By header in the folder list window and then select the way you would like them arranged.


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