• Searching Your Address Book

By default, Microsoft Outlook 2007 searches only local Outlook Contacts list when you begin typing an email address to which a message will be sent and click the Check Names button.  It does not search Exchange’s Global Address list, a list containing all available mail accounts in the University mail system.  Outlook Web App (also known within the University as “umail”) does not have this limitation.

To have Outlook automatically search the Global Address list -- as well as your local contacts -- perform the following steps:

Within Outlook, click Tools, then Address Book from the menu bar.  A window will appear.

In this “Address Book: Global Address List” window, click Tools and then Options.  When the Options window appears a single tab is available and set the field’s values should be selected from the accompanying drop-down menu as follows:

  • “Show this address list first” should have a value of “Global Address List”
  • “Keep personal addresses in” should have a value of “Contacts”

In the bottom field, titled “When sending mail, check names using these address lists in the following order” it is likely you will see only “Contacts” listed.  If that is the case click the Add button and choose “Global Address list” from the resulting pop-up window.  You can optionally use the arrows in this last window to change the order in which Outlook searches.  Click OK.  Click OK again on all other option windows to save the changes. 

Now that this change is made Outlook 2007 will search both local contacts and the Global Address list for addresses when typing a new message.  For example, if you wish to send an email to “Abby Smith” simply type “Smi” and click the Check Names button in outlook.  All users whose last name begins with SMI will pop up  (NOTE a shortcut for the Check Names button is to press the <ALT> and <K> simultaneously). 


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