How to set up a Blackberry Series 8800 to access Exchange Email at Suffolk University

While the following instructions are specific to the 8800 on Verizon and screens may vary for different models or carriers, the basic procedure will be similar for most Blackberry phones.

  1. Navigate to E-mail Settings and select.

  2. Your carrier will take you to their BlackBerry Internet Server Configuration page.

    The menus will vary depending on your phone and carrier.
  3. When the Email Setup window opens, enter your email address.

  4. Then enter your email password and select Next.

  5. The Unable to Configure screen will open. Select "I will provide the settings to add this email account."

    This is not an error message. Since a relatively small number of Verizon's customers use as their email service, they don't have it pre-configured for you.

  6. Enter your email address and select Next. Then enter your password and select Next again.

  7. Select Outlook(R) Web App as your account type, then select Next.

  8. Enter as the Outlook Web App URL. Enter your login as your User Name.

  9. Your User Name, Password, and email address will appear. Do not modify them here.

  10. You may leave Mailbox Name blank, or set the value to Inbox. In this example, we will leave it blank. Select Next.

  11. If you leave it blank, you will see the following warning. Select No. Then select Next.

  12. If your setup has been successful, you will see this message.

    At this point, your email will now be forwarded to your BlackBerry Device.

  13. A new icon on your main screen will open your email on your BlackBerry.


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