• Universal Course Design Series

All sessions will be led by Kirsten Behling, Director, Disability Services

Introduction To Universal Course Design

Tuesday, February 2, 1-2pm

Universal Course Design is a professional development concept that strives to make classroom learning accessible to all students, no matter their individual backgrounds. This workshop will introduce faculty to the concept of and strategies employed by UCD, and identify free UCD resources at Suffolk.

The Universally Designed Syllabus

Tuesday, March 2, 1-2pm

Do your students still ask you logistical questions throughout the semester despite your best efforts to create an informative syllabus? The universally designed syllabus has been proven to reduce these questions while increasing access to course materials. This workshop will highlight examples of universally designed syllabi across disciplines and provide you with the information necessary to start planning your own.

Universal Course Design Instructional And Assessment Strategies

Tuesday, April 6, 1-2pm

Studies have shown that 80 percent of the student audience no longer actively listens after 20 minutes of lecture. This workshop will share strategies for faculty looking to diversify their teaching and grading methods to better engage today's students.