State College 101 - A Freshman Writing Class

by Alan Feldman

In this intimate look at his experience of teaching a freshman writing course, the author paints a detailed picture of students' complex lives, their effects on in-class performance, and the techniques he uses to engage them.

Discussion led by Monika Raesch, Assistant Professor, Communication & Journalism

Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power Of The New Digital Disorder

by David Weinberger

From Weinberger's own words,"...The shift from the physical to the digital is ripping, burning, and mixing our lives apart. In the past, everything had its one place - the physical world demanded it - but now everything has its places:multiple categories, multiple shelves. Suddenly, everything is miscellaneous.'' He discusses this new miscellany and reveals how one can take advantage of it.  

Discussion led by Elaine Garofoli, Academic Learning Technologist, SBS


Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom

by bell hooks

Renowned cultural critic and progressive educator Bell Hooks addresses some of the most compelling issues facing teachers in and out of the classroom today. Following her best-selling Teaching to Transgress and Teaching Community, this book of essays discusses the complex balance that allows us to teach, value, and learn from works written by racist and sexist authors.

Discussion led by Debra Harkins, Associate Professor, Psychology

Lives On The Boundary: A Moving Account Of The Struggles And Achievements Of America's Educationally Underprepared

by Mike Rose

Remedial, illiterate, intellectually deficient - nationally acclaimed educator and author Mike Rose shared these labels during his impoverished childhood. Now he takes us into classrooms and communities to reveal what really lies behind the labels and test scores. This book challenges educators, policymakers, and parents to reexamine their assumptions about a wide range of students.

Discussion led by Elizabeth Stillman, Associate Professor, Academic Support, Law School