• Afternoon Tea Discussion Series

Beyond These Walls: What Will Your Students Take With Them?

Monday, January 25, 2:30-4pm

What strategies can we proactively implement within a given course to ensure our students gain essential skills? Share your ideas on how your fellow faculty can impart an education students will value.

Leigh Mello, Assistant Professor, Legal Writing

The Kids Are Alright: Can Academic Skills Be Taught Through Social Media?

Wednesday, February 10, 2-3:30pm

Over the past 15 years, studies have determined that digitized and multimodal means of teaching empower students, engage learners, and increase academic reading and writing abilities. Join us to discuss the ways in which you have incorporated blogs, Facebook, Web pages, and group pages into your teaching, as well as the pros and cons of these methods.

Elaine Pascale, Assistant Director, Second Language Services and ESL Program Coordinator

Critiquing A Generation Expecting Instant Feedback

Wednesday, March 24, 2:30-4pm

Join us to explore ways of teaching students the benefits of constructive feedback, rather than simply providing the immediate answer they seek.

Philip Kaplan, Associate Professor, Legal Writing

Manage Stress Without Boiling Over

Wednesday, March 31, 2:30-4pm

Learn what triggers stress and how you can modify your behavior accordingly. This tea will equip you to cope with stressful classroom situations, students, and workloads.

Beverly Flaxington, Lecturer, Management

Values Across The Curriculum

Thursday, April 8, 2:30-4pm

To prepare students for reputable careers and civic responsibilities, we, their teachers, must raise their awareness of ethics on the path to maturity, competence, and leadership.

Eileen Feldman, Instructor, English