ITS Web Services discourages the use of disconnecting pages. 

Periodically, ITS Web Services deletes all disconnected pages except for those that have been disconnected but are still saved as draft or waiting for correction by an individual.   The page is moved to a recycle bin in the CMS until we clear the recycle, After which it is permanently deleted and no longer retrievable.
We delete the disconnected pages because many times they are still directly anchored to the navigation of the Web Site and remain a part of the workflow and publication processes unless they are deleted or restored to their original place in the navigation.  These packages and links disrupt our publishing process, causing the system to operate more slowly and increase our publishing times. Often, these disconnected pages are published out to the live web site where they can be picked up by a search, leading to confusion and misinformation. 

Please review the these steps if you have disconnected pages:

Pages you plan to use again

If you have disconnected one or more pages that you plan to use again on your website and would like to maintain these pages, it is important that you contact us so that we can work with you to restore this page to an appropriate location. If you are disconnecting pages that will be needed on an annual or more frequent basis, we will work with you to use another method to maintain these pages, such as version control.

Draft pages you don't need

Draft pages should never be disconnected. If you have created a draft page that you no longer need, please follow these steps:

  1. In RedDot, open your Tasks List from the left-hand menu and select Pages Saved as Draft. Open the page by clicking on the underlined name of the page.
  2. Select the Open and Edit red dot.
  3. Select Properties in the top menu.
  4. In the Headlines text box, change the name of the page to Delete Me and click OK.
  5. From your Pages Saved as Draft list, submit the page to Workflow. The page, and any elements that belong to it, will be deleted for you.

Draft pages that need attention

If you have disconnected any draft pages because you did not know what to do with them, please contact Web Services to identify each page and request assistance.

Moving pages or changing navigation

If you have disconnected pages while attempting to move them from one area of the web site to another, adjust navigation, or just by accident, let us know. Disconnecting or reconnecting pages may cause disruptions to entire sites. They affect publishing and updating. You should always contact Web Services before disconnecting pages to explore how best to deal with the situation.

Always contact ITS Web Services at before disconnecting any pages.