Welcome to the College of Arts & Science Academic Computer Lab. The Lab facilities are open to Suffolk Students and Employees. You may be required to show your current student picture ID or current class schedule to the attendant when you enter the lab to use the computers. Please adhere to the following policies issued by the Academic Technology Department.

1. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the lab.

2. Printing in the lab is for course related work only. Please review your work before printing to avoid wasting paper and toner and please do not print your personal work. This includes personal Internet downloads and email. If your work did not print out the first time there may be a problem with the printer, do not continue to print until you check with a lab attendant. Continuous print ques will tie up the printer and affect everyone’s print requests.

3. Due to licensing costs the software installed on the computer is related specifically to courses taught here at the College of Arts & Science. There is a security system installed to prevent installation or removal of programs from the lab and classroom computers. If you have a request for a specific software program please contact the CAS Academic Technology Department for help.

4. You are welcome to access the Internet and read and send email. Please surf responsibly. We ask that you please be considerate of fellow students when there is a waiting list. Remember, some people need to complete work assignments and do not have a computer at home. Preference will be given to those who need a computer for class related work over students surfing the web for personal use.

5. There is a lab attendant in the open lab at all times and he/she can assist you with functional use of the equipment and basic questions about the software. Please be aware that the lab attendant is not a tutor. If you need help with understanding or completing an assignment, please see you instructor for help.

6. Finally, please remember to clean up after yourself, close out of all programs and remove your disk.

Thank you for keeping the lab enjoyable by following these rules.