URLs: Happily Ever After

Wednesday, January 30th

Learn how to create and use persistent URLs (PURLs) to link specific electronic full-text articles and e-books in the library’s subscription databases. Many of these PURLs may replace content in hard copy course packets – saving money for students and time for faculty members. Refreshments will be served.

Bob Dugan, Director, Sawyer Library
1:00pm ~ Library Instruction Lab, Sawyer Library

Video Webcast: http://media.law.suffolk.edu:8080/ramgen/webcast/CTE_BobDugan013008/archive.smil


Early Alerts: What? Six weeks to identify students who merit an alert?!

Thursday, February 7th

How can we make early alerts work at Suffolk University – and why should we? We will discuss evidence of early alerts’ positive affects on achievement and will attempt to lessen your workload with identification testing. Refreshments will be served.

Edward Morgan, Associate Director, Ballotti Learning Center
2:30pm ~ Center for Teaching Excellence, 73 Tremont Street, 12th Floor

Video Webcast:  http://media.law.suffolk.edu:8080/ramgen/webcast/CTE_EdMorgan020708/archive.smil


Large Classes: Learning or Crowd Management

Monday, February 11th

Large sections can present challenges to teachers’ connections with students and evaluations of classroom learning. This session will explore techniques for creating positive learning environments in classes of more than 50 students. Refreshments will be served.

Donna Qualters, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Eric Dewar, Assistant Professor, Biology, CAS
2:00pm, Center for Teaching Excellence, 73 Tremont Street, 12th Floor

Video Webcasthttp://media.law.suffolk.edu:8080/ramgen/webcast/CTE_DonnaQualters021108/archive.smil


Clickers in the Classroom: Fad or Fabulous?

Thursday, March 6th

Clickers – remote keypads that immediately display students’ answers to professors’ questions and enable faculty members to evaluate students comprehension in real-time – are increasingly popular in the classroom. This talk will explore the benefits of the clicker technology, as well as potential pitfalls. Refreshments will be served.

Andrew Perlman, Associate Professor of Law
2:30pm ~ Center for Teaching Excellence, 73 Tremont Street,12th Floor


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