• Recycle Mania Results Released


Recycle Mania is a national waste reduction and recycling competition for colleges and universities.  See below for highlights from our performance in this, our second year participating in the 10-week competition.  For more details about the competition click here.  Thank you to the Suffolk community for doing such a great job reducing waste and increasing recycling. We have come a long way since 2006 when we were recycling just 5% of our waste stream, before the program overhaul took place.  Keep up the great work!

Grand Champion Category

Schools that participate in both the Per Capita Classic and the Waste Minimization competitions are automatically eligible to become the Grand Champion of RecycleMania. The Grand Champion is the school that, based on their combined results, demonstrates the greatest achievement in both source reduction and recycling.

Suffolk placed #16 out of 88 schools nationwide, placing us in the top 20%. Our cumulative recycling rate was 34.8%, beating our goal for this year of 33%. 


Waste Minimization Category

Schools compete to see which produces the least amount of municipal solid waste (including both recyclables and trash) per person. This competition is intended to reward those schools that generate the least amount of waste and recyclables, emphasizing reuse and source reduction over recycling.

Suffolk placed #17 out of 95 schools nationwide, placing us in the top 20%.  During the competition, our cumulative waste pounds/person was 44.7. 


Click here for graphs showing how we measure up against other participating schools in Massachusetts.

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