• Suffolk Wins Green Business Award


The City of Boston selected Suffolk University as a recipient of the Mayor Thomas M. Menino Second Annual Green Business Award.  The award recognizes businesses located in the City of Boston that demonstrate extraordinary performance related to sustainable environmental, practices, such as water conservation, wastewater management, solid waste reduction, the promotion of alternative transit, energy conservation and on-site renewable energy production, or the purchase of renewable energy.  Suffolk was named the winner of the category for Academic, Cultural, and Healthcare Institutions.  In addition to recognizing businesses, the City selects winners for Green Residential Awards and Bike Friendly Business Awards.


Suffolk has a range of classes from law, to business, to science, to government, to the arts that educate students on environmental issues and incorporate sustainability principles. 


The University is taking many measures to reduce the campus’ environmental impact, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures.  The campus has also increased its recycling rate to over a third of the total waste stream.  For all building projects, the University is committed to achieving the Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating. 


Suffolk's Sustainability Committee serves as a forum for Facilities and various academic programs to work together on projects.  Suffolk sustainability initiatives involve faculty, staff, students, and - in many cases - the community at-large. 

To view examples of Suffolk’s sustainability efforts, click here.

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