Academic Technology hosts blogs available to all College faculty and departments, hosted at The College Blogs run on the powerful Wordpress Multi-User platform. Blogs can be used publicly or privately; some of the current uses include:

* research and faculty home pages
* departmental and program news
* discussion and collaboration
* course blogs and course websites

Publishing to a blog is an excellent way to support and enhance course curricula since blogs support a variety of rich multimedia (such as movies, podcasts, slides, documents, mp3s, links to great resources, etc.) as well as interactivity, collaboration, and discussion.

To sign up to get a blog, head over to the home page. To learn more, or for training, support, or special projects, please contact Michelle Bolser. Students can also be assigned to create or write to a course blog as part of course, or to respond to questions and comments posted by faculty or working groups. Please note that students can only blog on the Suffolk blog platform as directed by faculty. Students desiring personal blogs, or blogs for other purposes, should use an outside platform such as Blogger.

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