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Two of our students in Anthropology have set up blogs that may give you a better idea about life in the classroom and the field. They're keeping records of their thoughts, their feelings, and their experiences this year at Suffolk, and whatever else they think of. Visit them often!

  Student: Thomas
Major: Anthropology

My blog address is

Read this blog if you're my family, because it's the only way you'll hear from me until I get home for break, if you're a friend from home, because I lost my cell phone and all my phone numbers so I can't text you (if you find it, call me!), or if you love exotic, dusty foreign locales.

Don't read this if you're a Yankees fan. Trust me.

  Student: Dorothy
Major: Anthropology

My blog address is


You should read my blog because I have a bet with Tom that I'll get more hits on my blog. Also, I'm studying at Suffolk Madrid this year, and it seems like every day is an adventure. I'm making friends from all over the world,  I'm totally over-revved on Spanish coffee, and I'm getting a new digital camera so I'll  be posting pictures of everything that goes on!


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