• Support Policies

Service Levels

Acknowledgment Time

Issues presented by phone or in person will be taken in the order presented, and should receive immediate Help Desk assistance.  If all available Helpdesk personnel are busy, calls roll over to voice mail.  For voice messages left  between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM on each University business day, our goal is to pick up message and return calls within 15 minutes.  Email and web submissions received by the Help Desk between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM on each University business day will be acknowledged within 30 minutes of receipt, or as soon as possible during times of peak demand. Requests received outside of those hours will be acknowledged on the next business day. 


If an issue cannot be resolved upon first contact, it may be reassigned to a support specialist.  The owner will then contact the customer with updates per the guidelines below.


Priority levels are defined as follows:

 Priority   Definition
 Critical  Whole department or school affected, financial consequences or unrecoverable data loss imminent.
 High  Multiple users affected, necessary functionality impaired, unable to do work with immediate deadline threatened.
 Med-High  Necessary functionality impaired, time-critical work halted, deadline threatened.
 Medium  Necessary functionality impaired, but work can continue.
 Med-Low  Minor or no current functionality impaired, or new functionality needed on a deadline.
 Low  No current functionality impaired, no time-critical functionality affected.

Rsponse and Resolution Times

Our goal is to keep you informed of the status of your issue, and to do all that we can to meet our initial response and target resolution times.  Initial response time is defined per priority as follows (times all indicate business days/hours): 

 Priority Initial Response Time
 Critical 15 Minutes
 High 30 Minutes
 Med-High  4 Hours
 Medium  1 Day
 Med-Low  1 Day
  Low  2 Days

Target Resolution Times vary per priority and per issue type, and may also be set as mutually agreed.


You should be prepared to provide your Suffolk (student or employee) ID number whenever you contact the Help Desk for assistance.   The Suffolk ID number is on the ID card provided to each student and employee upon joining Suffolk University.

We cannot grant access to any account or reset a password without your Suffolk ID number.  For security, we may also request additional identifying information.  Account access and passwords can be provided to the University staff or student account owner only.

A University employee or student user’s personal information can not be given to any other party, not even a parent.  If such a request is made, Help Desk personnel will ask to speak directly with the user.