• Creating a Blog

Every blogging service is different. While Suffolk University does not promote or endorse any blogging service or tool, we will use Blogger for the purposes of this explanation. If you need a different Suffolk University header image for another service, please contact Web Services.

Blogger is accessed through Google, so to have a Blogger blog, you'll need a Google account.

To open a Google account, go to Google at http://www.google.com/.

Go to your Google home page and select Accounts, then Blogs. Complete instructions for creating, designing, updating and modifying a blog are available when you log on.

Creating a Blog that is Connected from the University Site

If you are creating a blog that is connect by a link from the Suffolk University Web site, be sure that you've read and understand the Suffolk University Blogging Guidelines.

If you wish to use the Suffolk header, contact Web Services for a copy of the header image, save it to your computer, and follow the following templating instructions. Note that use of the image requires compliance with the following guidelines.

Designing Your Template

When you create your blog, Blogger will invite you to start posting.

Select Continue, then select the template tab. You will be asked to select a template.

Select Minima, the default template, with the white background.

On the Add and Arrange Template Elements page, select the blue edit text in the Header area.

Use the Browse button to find the image on your computer, and select it. Select Save Changes. Your image will now appear when you view your blog, but the name of your blog will appear over the image.

Return to the Arrange Template Elements page, and again select Edit in the header area. Under Placement, select Behind Title and Description and save your change. A sample blog page has been created to show you how a student blog, connected to the University site, might appear to the site owner.