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Just Like Clockwork:
The Rhythm of College Life*

  • Anxiety regarding finding roommate(s) for next year
  • Excitement and/or disappointment regarding Spring Break plans
  • Midterm exam stress
  • Concern over summer employment
  • Concern over winter weight gain
As spring break approaches, it's important for students to keep assignments up to date. That can help avoid a scramble at the end of the semester to get ready for exams. At the same time, students need to watch for the partying aspect that follows spring break. It's wise to not get too caught up in it—to keep studying and even set aside time in the library.

Now is the time when effective time management pays off. Too many competing interests can make studying more difficult than normal. It's better to study, relax and socialize in good proportions, and keep things in perspective.

If any courses are presenting problems, now is the time for your student to get tutorial assistance, and to keep in touch with the advisor. Students must consider whether or not they need to withdraw from any courses, because now is the time to do so without penalty. Thinking further ahead, students must also be prepared to preregister for fall courses.

As for spring break, it can be a great time to have fun, but some students may find that they'll do better by using the time to get caught up.

*Electronically reproduced with permission from Helping Your First Year College Student: A Guide for Parents, Richard H. Mullendore and Cathie Hatch (© 2000 by The University of South Carolina)

To order a copy of Helping Your First Year College Student: A Guide for Parents, contact The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience, University of South Carolina, 1728 College Street, Columbia, SC 29208. Tel. (803) 777-6229.