• December

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Just Like Clockwork:
The Rhythm of College Life*

  • Anxiety over preparations for finals
  • Excitement and/or anxiety regarding going home for holidays
  • Sadness about leaving new friendship and/or love relationships
  • Roommate challenges continue
Final exams are coming, and this is not a time to put things off. Students should begin studying for their exams as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute and then cramming is inefficient use of time and effort.

Students should continue to use all the resources available to them. It's a good time to get tutorial help in preparing for exams, if needed. as you prepare for final exams. As students prepare for exams, they need to cut back on social activities. At the same time, they shouldn't stop living their lives. Don't stop living. It takes a balanced perspective to work well on exams, and it pays to eat regularly, sleep well and relax.

As a Freshman, it may be easy for your student to underestimate the amount of work he or she needs to do to prepare for exams. Encourage a student who is unsure about how to study for exams to ask advisors, tutors and other students for assistance. Now is not the time for your student to be alone with his or her doubts and confusion. It's best to plan carefully, not to under- or over-study.

Once exams are over, your student should double-check to be sure he or she has prepared for the spring semester. The reward of enjoying the vacation will help your student come back refreshed, expecting to succeed again the next semester.

*Electronically reproduced with permission from Helping Your First Year College Student: A Guide for Parents, Richard H. Mullendore and Cathie Hatch (© 2000 by The University of South Carolina)

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