• Service Desk

The ITS Help Desk provides technical support for University online, network, and desktop resources, serving students, faculty, and staff.  Help Desk hours are from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday, except during University closures.

How We Can Help

We can help you with specific technical questions and problems in the use of University technology, by handling the following types of issues:


Focused questions towards a specific goal, such as “How do I connect to…” or “Where do I register for classes online?” rather than general requests for instruction such as “How do I use this application?” or “How do I create a report that shows…”

Errors/Incorrect Behavior

You’ve performed a certain action and receive an error message or some other unexpected result.

Virus and Malware Prevention, Detection, and Removal

We can provide access to antivirus software, and if you suspect that your computer has been affected by a virus or other malware, we can scan for and remove the harmful software.

Hardware and Software Requests

We also service requests from University administrative staff for problems with computer and printer hardware, installation of University-provided client applications, imaging and set up of new computers, and technical assistance necessary to facilitate office moves. 

Web Site Issues and Updates

Submit your requests concerning the Suffolk University Web Site to the Help Desk for routing to the appropriate Web Services resources.

Please note that the ITS Help Desk cannot provide comprehensive instruction in the use of technology, or complex custom solutions.