• Spyware Removal

Spyware, sometimes called Adware, is software installed on your computer, sometimes without your knowledge, that tracks your web surfing habits and then creates a profile which is used by advertising companies to target your tastes. You may have Spyware on your computer if you have new toolbars on your browser, pop-ups even when your browser isn't running or your computer is running very slowly. 

Things you can do to prevent Spyware from being installed on your computer are:

  • Never click "agree" or "OK" to close a window
  • Never respond to a security warning pop-up
  • Use extreme caution when installing file-sharing programs
  • Always be aware of what you are downloading from the web

If you are experiencing symptoms of Spyware:

  • Restart your computer
  • While your computer is restarting and the screen is black just before Windows begins to load press <F8>
  • Using arrow keys, select Safe Mode and press enter
  • Click start, programs and select Windows Defender
  • Click Scan
  • When complete, reboot your computer

As an alternative, you can download and install Spybot , which is a free anti-spyware utility. After installation, run Spybot in Safe Mode.