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Program Information

Immerse yourself in an incomparable opportunity to live and create art in Florence, Venice, two of Italy’s most enchanting cities, including a 3-day excursion to Italy’s capital, Rome. This intensive, faculty-led, six week program focuses on interpreting the land, town and seascapes of Italy through watercoloring and drawing en-plein-air while integrating its rich history of art and culture into a meaningful educational adventure.

You will develop a self-bound journal book of directed work. A pre-departure book-binding workshop held at Suffolk University will allow you to present your finished work in a beautiful and professional context. You will explore the dramatic views and vistas of the Mediterranean sun-drenched Tuscan countryside; its hills, towns, private royal gardens, alley-ways, bustling markets, piazzas, Renaissance churches, and palazzos – all of which will serve as subject matter for your painting.

The full days of outdoor studio painting and drawing alternated with days of morning lectures on Renaissance art history and culture and afternoon fieldtrips to museums, churches, and monuments, are designed to compliment each other and round out your foreign travel study. All of this will provide context and background to further inform your work and academic development.


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