• World Languages and Cultural Studies

Images, Sounds, and Words in Context

The examination of the close interrelationship of culture, history, language and society is the focus of study in World Languages and Cultural Studies. In the new world order brought about by globalization, our programs  prepare you for a life that transcends international boundaries.

A Dynamic investigation of ideas

World Languages and Cultural Studies is a multidisciplinary department where the intellectual exchange of ideas and perspectives is extraordinarily stimulating. Specialists in language, literature, and area studies interact with art historians and music historians on a daily basis. Our faculty members are dedicated teachers and active scholars whose diverse backgrounds and international perspectives make for a unique learning experience both in the classroom and in informal encounters.  

Design your education

It is possible to create unique program combinations without leaving the department. For example, a student might major in Music History and minor in German, or choose a major in French and minor in Art History. Double majors are possible within the department, such as Spanish and Art History or French and Spanish.

It is also possible to create double and interdisciplinary majors using the resources of other departments. For example, a student might combine French, German, or Spanish with Government, History or Sociology, or choose to concentrate in French Studies, German Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, International Affairs or International Economics.

Study abroad

Students in any of the department's programs would benefit greatly from a summer, semester, or year abroad. Please consult with the faculty and the Study Abroad Office for information about the various opportunities. Interest-free loans are available from the SAFARI program.

Career paths

Graduates with degrees in World Languages and Cultural Studies have many options. Some enroll in Law School or pursue advanced graduate studies. Some teach in schools and colleges. Some become involved with non-governmental organizations or are hired by multinational corporations as interpreters, translators or in other capacities. Some enter politics or serve in the diplomatic corps, while still others engage in social activism and act as liaisons between the US and the rest of the world. A graduate with international expertise is more valuable than ever before.


All majors are encouraged to pursue a degree with honors. Candidates for a World Languages and Cultural Studies degree with honors are required to write a major research paper called a senior thesis or capstone project under the supervision of a faculty member. The honors exercise is excellent preparation for graduate or professional studies.