Apply for Aid

Don’t wait until you have been admitted to a program to apply for financial aid. 

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be filed anytime after January 1 of the academic year.

For Fall 2014 new freshmen, the recommended filing date is March 1, 2014.

For Fall 2014 returning students, the recommended filing date is April 15, 2014. 

For Fall 2014 new transfer students, the recommended filing date is May 1, 2014.

The Federal Code for Suffolk University is 002218.

Students and parents should not submit copies of 2013 income tax returns. If your application is selected by the Department of Education or Suffolk University, an official IRS tax return transcript may be required. You will be notified if this is necessary.

Important Note for New Students:

If you chose to omit your Social Security Number from your Admissions Application, please be aware that action could delay the processing of your financial aid file. In order for our office to identify you as an applicant we must match your financial aid record to your admissions record. Without the Social Security number on your admissions application, the matching process will take longer, as it will be a manual process. If you choose, you may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and ask them to add your Social Security number to your admissions record.

For questions or to schedule an appointment with your counselor, please call us at 617.573.8470 or email us.