Suffolk Life FAQ

Can I start school in Madrid?

Students can start on the Madrid Campus. For additional information on admission to Suffolk University Madrid Campus, please contact:

Does Suffolk have a study abroad program?

Yes, students can study at Suffolk's campus in Madrid, Spain, or at one of 31 host institutions located around the world. Examples of where students have studied are:: Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey.

Costs to study abroad are about the same as a semester at Suffolk (which financial aid covers for those receiving aid), and careful planning will ensure that you graduate on time.

How do I send in a deposit to Suffolk?

A deposit is required to secure a space in the incoming freshman class. Suffolk can take your deposit over the phone via credit card or you can also mail in your deposit as a check* or money order.

*Suffolk University processes checks electronically using the information on the check to create an electronic funds transfer. Each time you send a check, you authorize a one-time transfer of funds to be electronically withdrawn from your bank account. You will not receive your cancelled check as Suffolk University is required to destroy the check after it has been processed. For more information please contact the Office of the Bursar at 617-573-8407.

What religious services are available?

The Campus Ministry & Interfaith Center serves the university community as a center for religious life and spiritual growth. The center is an interfaith house of worship, with services and observances for Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant denominations. It provides personal and religious counseling, support-group workshops, and discussions.

What is social life like at Suffolk University?

Students play different sports and participate in more than 75 student organizations, student government, three student publications and a campus radio station. And if they don't sound fun to you, create your own organization. You can also take part in annual special events, parties, dances or community service days. And if those don't grab you, there's always something fun to do in Boston.

Does Suffolk Offer Army ROTC?

Suffolk students participate in a cross college collaboration called the Liberty Battalion. The link provides contact information.

Does Suffolk University have a statement of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation? Does SU recognize an active GLBT student organization?

Suffolk University's statement of non-discrimination includes sexual orientation. The University has and recognizes a GLBT student Organization. The University has a variety of theme events that focus on GLBT issues, awareness, and history. Suffolk University feels that the more comfortable you are in college, the better you will do, and the more enjoyable your college years will be.

Does Suffolk have a mascot? Can you give me more information on athletics?

The Suffolk University mascot is the Ram. The University offers seven men's and five women's NCAA, Division III varsity teams. However, those not interested in team sports can stay fit and will find free weights, cardio, and conditioning machines in the fitness center, as well as aerobics, intramurals and the casual pick-up game.

Teams offered to men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. Teams offered to women: Basketball, Cross Country, Softball, Tennis and Volleyball.