Deadlines & Requirements

For students interested in applying for spring or fall 2014, admission applications and financial aid applications are due at these times:

For... Deadline Date Is...
Fall 2015 Admission February 15, 2015
Early Action Fall 2015 Admission (learn more) November 15, 2014
Fall 2015 Financial Aid March 1, 2015
January 2015 Admission & Financial Aid November 1, 2015

The deadline for priority financial aid is March 1; funding for any application submitted after that date will be based on availability.

The FAFSA is required to be considered for need based financial aid. In order to be reviewed for the Honors Program, your application and supplemental application documents must be received by the Undergrad Admission Office by February 1, 2013.

Requirements for secondary school students applying for Undergraduate Admission

We do not use specific minimums for scores or grades in the decision process, but weigh all factors together to gain a whole view of you and your potential for success as a Suffolk University student:

  • Level and range of high school courses selected
  • Grades achieved (Official High School transcript with Senior year grades)
  • SAT or ACT scores (our code is 3771--learn more)
  • Recommendations (two required; one from a guidance counselor, one from a teacher)
  • The essay
  • Other required forms
  • Admission Interview (optional)

In high school, you should have completed:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of mathematics (Algebra I and II and Geometry)
  • Two units of science (at least one with a lab)
  • Two units of language
  • One unit of American history
  • Four units distributed among other college preparatory electives

We may also consider other factors in the review process, such as:

We are also very interested in personal qualities that will offer us further insights into you as an applicant, including:

  • Admission interview
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Community service
  • Special interests

Students curious about Advanced Standing, international applicants, or those who are home schooled will want to be aware of certain other requirements as well.

You'll find what you need to apply on our Applications & Forms page.

International Students

International students who are studying outside of the U.S., should send all documents, including transcripts and the Certificate of Finance, to the Undergraduate Admission Office well before deadlines. It can take up to four weeks to schedule a Visa appointment, with the U.S. embassy in your own country. Suffolk will issue an I-20 form after a student has been admitted and has sent in their Certificate of Finance. The certificate must be forwarded to the Admission Office at least one month prior to the start of classes. View a complete list of International Student Admission Requirements.

High School Diploma Policy

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions seeks to accept and enroll first year entering freshman from schools that are recognized or accredited by national, federal, state or regional agencies. Entering Freshman offered admission must submit a final high school transcript prior to beginning as an academic student with the University. All transcripts must document that students have completed sufficient academic work to earn their diploma. In the event the University has reason to believe a student’s diploma is not valid, it will rely upon the submitted transcript to determine whether the student has completed sufficient academic work to earn the diploma and qualify for admission to the University. If it is determined that a diploma was awarded without sufficient academic work, this students admission decision may be rescinded and the student will be asked to leave the University.