About Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services offers a variety of services and is staffed by financial aid professionals who are committed to helping students and their families finance a Suffolk University education. We are not able to complete forms for you, but we can explain questions or clarify procedures.

Because interacting with Student Financial Services is a complex and time consuming process, please do not expect "on the spot" decisions or answers. In fact, dealing with Student Financial Services is much like dealing with the IRS. There are numerous forms, deadlines and regulations. Most people don’t realize that much of what we do is mandated by Federal or state law, and the University is required to comply with established regulations.

Advance Notice on Information Requests

On occasion, a student may need a financial aid transcript, fee waiver, or a letter detailing need and/or award information. It is important to plan ahead in such cases since, during peak periods, it can taken up to ten working days to accommodate such requests. Please forward any requests for information two weeks prior to the date you need it.

Notification and Revision

Suffolk University considers it the students’ responsibility to ensure that all necessary forms have been submitted to Student Financial Services on or before the deadlines. Suffolk University assumes no responsibility for notifying applicants on the status of aid applications. Receipts are available for any form submitted or mailed to Student Financial Services. We highly recommended students applying for aid obtain receipts. We also recommended that you make photocopies and keep a file of all forms submitted. Suffolk University reserves the right to revoke or revise a financial aid award at any time. We also reserve the right to revise or terminate any University funded program at any time.

Every attempt was made to include all pertinent information in this site. However, if you have a question that was not found here, please do not hesitate to contact Student Financial Services. Thank you for your interest in the financial aid programs offered by Suffolk University.