Meet the Students

Blogs can be a unique window into both the school and the Suffolk University experience. To that end, we have had students who were willing to share their experiences as their programs progressed, and are on the look-out for new students for the coming year! Look below at some of the graduated bloggers.

Just as a note, students don't usually update when they are not in classes - so over breaks and over the summer, you may not see content updated as frequently.


Graduated Bloggers

These students have graduated, but you may find the semesters they gave us to be helpful!

Jackie - MBA Student

Njoroge - Master in Ethics & Public Policy

Priya - MHA Student

Nick - MA Graphic Design Student

Diamonds - MBA student: started Fall 2006 - Congratulations to our first blogger to graduate!

BostonBlueHen - MS in Criminal Justice: started Fall 2007 - Graduated January 2009

EducatingRita - MEd - Administration of Higher Education student: started Fall 2007 - Graduated May 2009

Kelly - MS in Accounting Student: started program in Fall 2007, started blogging in Fall 2008 - Graduated May 2009

Lost Logger - MS in International Economics student: started Fall 2008 - Graduated May 2009

PiscesGrl - MPA student: started Fall 2007 - Graduated 2010

TheDudeAbides - MST student: started Fall 2009 - Graduated January 2011

BrainNinja - MSCJS/MSMHC student - Graduated January 2011

Advid Enthusiast - MBA, Gradauted May 2011

WhizKid- Full-time MBA student, Graduated September 2011

Note: There are many other archived blogs which may be useful. They are available on the left column of any of the Graduated Bloggers listed above.

Incoming Graduate Students

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