At Suffolk, we accept students because we believe they have the ability and the ambition to succeed. Everything we do is designed to help them achieve their academic goals, in a manner that reflects their individual personalities and unique qualities.

More than just the facts

Study at Suffolk begins in intimate classrooms with great teachers, not in lecture halls. That’s because we value the minds of our students as much as those of our most distinguished professors. We’re here to expand those young minds, not just fill them with facts.

Our three schools offer more than 70 academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including interdisciplinary and international programs. In every one of those programs, we encourage our students to participate actively, to solve problems, and to think critically. We help them develop and refine their written and oral communications skills. And we enable personal growth.

Because classes are small, professors at Suffolk are free to express their passion for teaching, and their love for their fields of study. Many stay late after class or meet with students outside of office hours, and often take the time to answer urgent emails in the evening, or on the weekend before a test. They seek to inspire. They challenge ideas and explore differences. They serve gladly as mentors and advisers. It’s no wonder that they know the names of all their students.

To help assure every student the benefit of an excellent education, our faculty initiated the Suffolk Center for Teaching Excellence, where educators from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Sawyer School of Business, and the Law School can share knowledge, skills, and resources.

Search and Research

Research and study are a part of every education, and the newly built Sawyer Library, serving the College and the Business School, is as shamelessly comfortable and inviting as it is technologically advanced. For every seat at every table and in the carrels, a network connection gives students full access to information resources via laptop computers.

In the hushed elegance of the Moakley Law School Library, technology provides similar access to informational databases within the library, and beyond the walls of the University.

The library of the New England School of Art and Design offers separate resources for the study of the fine arts, graphic design, and interior design, with access more than 8,500 books and 20,000 slides.

In addition to our own libraries, the University is convenient to the Boston Public Library, and it’s Kirstein Branch for business students. The Fenway Library Consortium and the Boston Library consortium provide access to more than thirty university and special interest libraries in the Boston area.

Academic integrity

Suffolk University insists upon the highest standards of academic integrity in all student work, both written and oral. We encourage students to respect the thoughts, ideas, and intellectual contributions of others. We expect all students, without exception to credit the work of others through proper sourcing. This is a cornerstone of academic integrity.

Extra help

Sometimes students face academic challenges they can’t overcome on their own, or with the help of their professors. At times like these, it’s good to know that Suffolk offers help through a number of individually tailored services like the Ballotti Learning Center, the Math and Writing Centers, and Second Language Services.

Students who need help coping, or who face other challenges are always welcome at our nationally recognized Counseling Center, whose psychologists can provide counseling, consultation, and referrals.