Suffolk University is a talent catalyst that recognizes and develops student potential. Leveraging our location in the heart of Boston, our faculty, staff, and alumni work together to provide a student-centered experience. Across the university, faculty, staff, alumni and lay professionals utilize their skills and experience to promote students’ education and empowerment. This diverse community builds on its dedication and excellence in teaching and scholarship to empower graduates to be successful locally, regionally, and globally. Among the many who work toward graduates’ success, the faculty actively lead those curricular, research, and institutional efforts, ensuring student success. Understanding that special role, the faculty at Suffolk University is organized around the core identity of the teacher-scholar.

The faculty fosters excellence in teaching and scholarship across multiple academic domains. To do so, each faculty member:

  1. is student oriented, providing an excellent education by communicating knowledge and/or skills through the use of the most effective teaching strategies yielding the best student learning outcomes;
  2. honors the academic freedom of others;
  3. investigates, researches and creates new knowledge and skills that are tested in the marketplace of ideas;
  4. educates students about, and seeks to provide graduates with, the qualities that will provide life-long opportunities to succeed and excel;
  5. is an important member of the Suffolk University community and works collaboratively with administrators to articulate, implement, constantly improve, and promote the mission of the University;
  6. acts as a member of a learned profession to uphold the ideals of the profession and to model the academic’s role within the framework of professional autonomy; and
  7. is encouraged to speak out, free from institutional censorship while remaining accurate, restrained, and respectful of other opinions.