• Suffolk University Law School to Host Bulgarian Mediators in U.S. for Training


For more information, please call:
Mariellen Norris at 617-573-8450 or
Tony Ferullo at 617-573-8447

BOSTON - Suffolk University Law School will host 10 Bulgarian mediators who are in Boston to receive advanced mediation training under the sponsorship of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Gabrielle Gropman and Associates, dispute resolution program designers and administrators, is supervising the training for the visiting Bulgarian mediators, who are in Boston from April 16-25, 2006.

The firm is collaborating with Suffolk University Law School and Harvard University Law School . Suffolk Law School is volunteering classrooms for the duration of the visit, audio visual equipment, and a closing reception for the Bulgarian visitors.

Courts in many nations are turning to mediation to ease the burden on court resources and to provide alternative mechanisms for resolving disputes, while satisfying the parties involved. Bulgaria enacted a mediation law in 2004, and this training program is meant to bolster the development of Bulgaria 's mediation program.

Suffolk Law School was chosen to host the Bulgarian mediators due to its large number of courses on dispute resolution and faculty members who are well known in the field, according to Gabrielle Gropman and Associates. The Law School 's LLM program for international business lawyers includes courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution and commercial disputes, and Dean Robert Smith has been a mediator for a number of years and continues to teach mediation.

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