• Additional Professor Publications 2010-2012


Please see below for additional work accepted for publication in industry academic journals, not previously shared.


Atherton, S. C., Blodgett, M. S., Atherton, C. (2011). Fiduciary principles: Corporate responsibilities to stakeholders. Journal of Religion and Business Ethics, 2(2).

Beliaeva, N., & S. Nawalkha (2012). Pricing American interest rate options under the jump extended constant elasticity-of-variance short rate models. Journal of Banking and Finance, 36(1), 151-163.

Beliaeva, N., & S. Nawalkha (2010). “A simple approach to pricing American options under the heston stochastic volatility model. Journal of Derivatives, 17(4), 25-43.

Jalal, A. M., Baxamusa, M. H. (2012). Does religion affect capital structure? To appear in Research in International Business and Finance.

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Prezas, A. P., Simonyan, K., Vasudevan, G. (2010). Does offshoring create value for shareholders? Review of Financial Economics, 19(4), 179-191.

Torrisi, C.R. & Delaunay, C.J. (Nov. 2012). FDI in Vietnam: An empirical study of an economy in transition. Journal of Emerging Markets, JEKEM, 3.

Torrisi, C.R., Delaunay, D.J., & Kocia, A. (2011). FDI and EU accession: The experience of Spain and Poland, Journal of Current Research in Global Business. 14(22).

Torrisi, C.R., & Uslu, Gokhan. (2010). Transitioning economies: A calculus of competitiveness, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 11(3).

Torrisi, C.R. (2010). Economies and national competitiveness, Nauka I Gospordaka. Journal of Management Studies, Poland, 8(1).

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