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Student reporter Dan Lampariello grabs an interview on the street with President McCarthy


NECN’s four new Suffolk student reporters are bringing their big talent, and even bigger personalities, to the streets to take Boston’s pulse on current events.

The foursome – juniors Dan Lampariello, Chris Maynard, and Carla Rojo, and sophomore Ashley Cullinane – share a passion for news and for the performing arts. Cullinane and Rojo are members of Suffolk’s Rampage show choir, while Lampariello is currently performing in a student production of Avenue Q. Maynard, a business student unlike the other three broadcast journalism majors, was encouraged to try out for the “Suffolk in the City” gig after giving a hilarious impromptu interview during one of last semester’s segments.

Despite being born performers, these four don’t rest on their natural abilities. They’re excited to put in the effort and hours needed to hone their skills both on-camera and behind the scenes.

Thanks to the partnership between NECN and Suffolk University’s Studio 73, they’re getting a taste of live reporting in the "Suffolk in the City" segment that airs on the network’s “Morning Show”. They’ll work on weekly story pitches with NECN producers, tape person-on-the-street interviews, edit their footage, and participate in live Q&As with NECN anchors. You can see their reports on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

“'Suffolk in the City' provides an extraordinary opportunity for our broadcast students,” said Robert Rosenthal, chair of Suffolk University’s Communication and Journalism Department. “Through our partnership with NECN and ‘The Morning Show’, Suffolk students are reporting live and producing entertaining pieces seen throughout New England.”

Recently, the four new reporters had the eye-opening opportunity to tour the NECN studios and meet with “The Morning Show” anchors. Cullinane talked about what that experience meant for the fledgling reporters:

“Seeing the pressures of a real newsroom first-hand really gave me that hunger that a good journalist needs to work hard and excel.”

Watch our “Suffolk in the City” reporters live on NECN, or visit their website to catch up on past broadcasts.

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