• Ken Taubes Speaks at Alumni Reception


More than 100 alumni in the finance sector gathered at a recent networking reception at the Harvard Club in Boston, which featured remarks from Suffolk MBA alumnus Kenneth Taubes, executive vice president and chief investment officer at Pioneer Investments, US.

Optimistic about Fiscal Cliff

Taubes shared his thoughts on one of the country’s biggest obstacles: the fiscal cliff. Taking effect in January, the fiscal cliff describes impending tax increases and spending cuts.

Taubes considers himself more optimistic than many other investors. “Personally, I don’t think we’re going to go off some fiscal cliff, and the economy is going to collapse,” he said.

Despite business spending slowing, consumer spending has been generally good, he noted. Share prices have climbed steadily for the last several weeks, and the treasury department is flexible and can delay some of the tax hikes. Taubes thinks we’ll see the economy start to improve in the upcoming year.

Changing Career Paths

Taubes wasn’t always interested in investing. His experience in the workplace helped shape his career path. He initially earned an undergraduate degree in accounting, but after working as an accountant in the investment department at the New England Merchants National Bank, he realized he wanted a career change.

In 1980 he began working as a treasury officer with the Bank of New England. He went on to earn a Suffolk MBA in 1984 and became the senior vice president and corporate treasurer of Home Owner’s Savings Bank in Boston, where he worked until 1990.

Later, Taubes made the transition in to investments and spent seven years as a senior vice president at Putnam Investments. There, he was also the senior portfolio manager for over $15 billion in fixed income assets for more than 30 institutional accounts and 15 open-end mutual funds.

In 1998, Taubes joined Pioneer Investments, where he currently works. He manages Core and Core Plus strategies for retail and institutional clients, serves as the portfolio manager of the Pioneer Strategic Income Fund, Pioneer Bond Fund, and Pioneer Multi-Asset Real Return Fund. He oversees the equity and fixed income portfolio management and research staff in the US. He is also chairman of the Pioneer US Investment Committee and a member of Pioneer Investment’s Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Words of Advice

Taubes encourages people to explore their career interests and take on new challenges. “It was through that process of doing different things and trying different things that I figured out what I really liked—and that was investing,” he said.

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