• Entrepreneurship Students Win Bootstrap Competition


In just two weeks, participants in this year’s Bootstrap Competition raised $420.18 for the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Open to all Suffolk students, the competition is one of three events that the Sawyer Business School’s Center for Entrepreneurship hosted in celebration of Entrepreneurship month.

This year, Jonathan Huang and Jenna Demty are the first entrepreneurship students to ever win the Bootstrap competition. They look forward to celebrating with their prize—two Boston Celtics tickets.

The pair raised a whopping $262.11 with incentives like cookies and 10-percent discounts at Ecco Beauty Hair Salon. Using the fundraising website www.gofundme.com, Huang and Demty reached out to their personal networks. They also collaborated with professors and the Suffolk University Dance Company to pitch their cause on campus.

“I learned from my former boss at Boston Business Concepts that it’s not what you’re selling that’s most important, it’s who you’re selling to,” said Huang, who personalized his pitches for specific audiences.

“The competition taught me to play to my strengths and not to imitate someone else. Just because selling cupcakes raises a lot of money, it doesn't mean that it’s the only avenue to take. I knew I could not compete with cupcakes, but I could compete with enthusiasm,” Huang said.

Senior Mandy Driscoll also participated. “I decided to get involved in the Bootstrap challenge because, as a Public Management major, I care a lot about donating to good causes such as the Greater Boston Food Bank,” said Driscoll.

She raised $158 by pitching to classmates, family members, faculty and administrators, and the governor. She convinced people to donate by emphasizing that small donations add up to make a big difference in people’s lives.

“I enjoyed the fact that, in part because of me, people with little money will be able to enjoy a good meal that they couldn't have provided for themselves without our donations,” Driscoll said.

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