• Freedom of Speech - Freedom to Insult?

A Philosophy Colloquium Series event

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
10th floor Large Conference Room
73 Tremont St, Boston

In the wake of the uproar over the deliberately provocative film The Innocence of Muslims, there has been a renewed discussion of the limits of free speech in an open society. This is an issue that goes to the heart of the American conception of liberty and free expression. Are there lines that we should not cross? What might this mean about our 2nd Amendment, campus speech codes, hate speech, religious freedom, and human dignity?

We will discuss three short readings, found here. One is an excerpt from Mill’s classic work, On Liberty, and the other two are recent essays addressing the current uproar.

The Philosophy Colloquium Series is intended to provide a forum for informal discussion. Bring lunch and be ready to talk!

Sponsored by the Philosophy Department. For more information, please contact Professor Fried at gfried@suffolk.edu.


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