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Retailing Strategy

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'While the course focuses on the retail industry, the content of the course is useful for students interested in working for companies that interface with retailers such as manufacturers of consumer products or for students with a general management or entrepreneurial interest. Specific student learning outcomes are to develop an understanding of: - The contribution of retailers to the product value chain. - Consumer motivations, shopping behaivors, and decision processes for evaluating retail offering and purchasing merchandise and services. - Corporate objectives, competitor analysis, and competitive strategy - The traditional bases for segmentation and how segmentation can inform retail strategy. - How retailers differentiate their offering as an element in their corporate strategy. - Factors affecting strategic decisions involving investments in locations, supply chain and information systems, and customer retention programs. - How retailer's communicate with their customers. - Tactics (pricing, merchandise assortment, store management, visual merchandising, customer service) for extracting profitfrom a retail offering'