• MSA Student Meets Bill Clinton after Internship


After interning for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) this summer, MSA student Xin Zhou had the chance to meet former president Bill Clinton.

Zhou spent four months working in the Accounts Payable department for CHAI, an organization that aims to improve health systems and global commodity markets in the developing world.

When she initially heard about an accounting-related position at CHAI’s headquarters in Boston, she jumped on it. “I felt it was a great opportunity for me, and I applied online without hesitation. It’s been a fantastic experience for me,” said Zhou.

Working as part of a six-person team was an important learning experience for Zhou. “My colleagues are very nice, and I learned a lot from them, such as how to file historical documents, reconcile a bank confirmation, and enter invoices into the FE [Financial Edge] systems,” said Zhou.

“I am very proud to work at Accounts Payable department because over the past four months, we have made more than 14 million payments for CHAI and supported the daily work of more than 110 AMEX cardholders in CHAI," Zhou exlained.

As an exchange student from China, Zhou said her Suffolk experience has helped her feel comfortable in a new culture and obtain valuable work experience. “Suffolk provides me with a lot of opportunities to try new things and challenge myself,” she said. “I am really enjoying my experience at Suffolk. I love the small-sized classes, and my professors are very helpful, and I get to make a lot new friends around the world.”

Zhou plans to become an auditor after she graduates in May. She considers her internship a valuable experience that she will carry with her throughout her career.

Working for CHAI also gave her a new perspective on pressing global issues. “This experience helped me know more about the severe healthcare issue in many low-income countries,” she said. “Although I am not currently as rich as Bill Gates, or as powerful as former president Clinton, I feel the same pride in doing something meaningful for others,” she added.

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