• Business School Honors CEO of Getty Images


On November 5, the Sawyer Business School’s Center for Innovation and Change Leadership presented its annual Global Leadership in Innovation and Collaboration (GLIC) award to Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images.

The GLIC award recognizes organizations with exceptional innovation and collaboration practices that have influenced their industry and stakeholders globally. Getty Images was the first company to license imagery online, and they have continued to drive the industry with forward-thinking business practices.

Robert DeFillippi, co-director of the Center and Sawyer Business School Professor of Strategy and International Business, said Getty Images was a highly deserving recipient. “Getty Images has led the digital media industry in creating, acquiring, and utilizing innovative technologies and new business and licensing models on a global scale,” he said.

Andrew Graff, CEO of Allen & Gerritsen, introduced Klein at the award ceremony and highlighted the challenges of succeeding in a dynamic industry like digital media. Getty Images is leading the way because it is constantly reinventing itself, Graff explained.

Klein echoed Graff's remarks. The key to running a profitable business is to “challenge the status quo and never stop looking for what’s next.” For instance, when digital cameras became commonplace, Getty Images embraced the changing marketplace and started crowdsourcing images. Today, they add more than 40,000 new images and videos every day, and they have over 1.3 million customers.

Larry Stybel, head of the nominating committee for the annual award and Sawyer Business School executive in residence how the company has evolved over the years. “Smaller companies now can afford an infinite choice of high-quality photographs, and small photographers now can get clients from around the world. Photographers can now view each other's work around the world, get inspired, and talk with each other,” Stybel said.

As part of the Sawyer Business School’s effort to incorporate practical training in the classroom, the University will develop a case study based on Getty Images.

DeFillippi also interviewed Klein at the Suffolk University television studio about the importance of innovation in business. Their discussion will be available on the Sawyer Business School’s YouTube page.

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