• The Politics of Handsome
L-R: Paula Lyons, Joyce Kulhawik, Jan Saragoni, Lauren Beckham Falcone, Margery Eagan

Presented by the Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Modern Theatre at Suffolk University
525 Washington St, Boston

Mitt Romney, Scott Brown, Senator Rob Portman, and many other self-described conservatives are the “Mad Men” of politics, evoking the age of Don Draper with retro style. In the shadow of our first African-American president, is this trend a return to a simpler age of the Cold War and domestic abundance? What sparked the trend to run these slicked-back, chiseled-jawed politicians? Two wars, the horrible economy, the need for a “Dad” in the driver’s seat to see the USA in a Chevrolet? This all-female panel of Boston personalities, Paula Lyons, Joyce Kulhawik, Lauren Beckham Falcone, Jan Saragoni, and moderator Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald and 96.9FM will explore some voters’ need to hearken back to when kids respected adults and neighbors knew each other. These days, when our government seem to be turning back the clock on women’s issues, can style rescue us from weighty substance?

This forum is held memory of Nora Ephron, a writer of remarkable style and substance.

Free and open to the public. Reserve your seat.

Presented by the Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University.

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