• Realizing the Promise of Social Media for Your Business Now

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Is social media marketing really about bits and bytes, tweets and likes? In what ways are Twitter and Facebook driving brands into uncharted territory, and how are they bringing marketing back to something lost in the age of mass media? 

Come hear the answers from Mike Troiano, Chief Marketing Officer at Actifio, as he explores the intersections of branding and social media for big and small marketers ready to leverage the value of both platforms. 

Mike will deliver concrete advice and share:

-His perceptions of social marketing from his own distinctive Italian immigrant experience

-A perspective of "scalable intimacy" and social marketing's true promise

-The content strategy needed to power an effective social marketing campaign

-Examples from smaller businesses and a detailed case study

The event starts at 5:30pm and will take place in the Press Room, at the Omni Parker Hotel, 60 School Street, Boston.  To RSVP, click here or call Angela at 617-573-8658.


Mike Troiano has 25 years of experience building brands and businesses across a wide spectrum of household names, publicly traded companies, and venture funded startups.  He is an award winning blogger (www.miketrap.com) on branding, entreprenuership, and social marketing, and is considered to be among the top one percent of the most influential people on Twitter (@miketrap). 

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