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Innovation:the Future of Healthcare

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'Innovations in technology, products, practices, and organization are continually re-shaping healthcare. In fact, innovation in healthcare will be a constant into the distant future. The outcomes of healthcare innovation will evolve over time, as will the processes through which innovation is developed and then adopted by healthcare providers and consumers. For these reasons, every healthcare leader and manager must understand the causes and effects of innovation as well as how to successfully initiate and manage innovation. The primary purpose of this course is to build students' skills as both thinkers and doers, helping them to better anticipate, work with, and lead innovation in healthcare. The course covers innovation in the organization and delivery of healthcare services as well as in the development and use of nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare information technology. In particular, the course explores how innovation happens -- i.e., how players across the healthcare industry create, identify, pursue, and support or impede opportunities for innovation. Those players include university researchers, medical products and technology companies, healthcare professionals and delivery organizations, and government agencies. The course also examines selected current healthcare innovations and trends as well as innovations that are expected in the future. This will enable students to become better futurists who can anticipate innovation and its implications for healthcare and, as a result, position themselves as effective leaders, managers and consumers of innovation.'