Final Exam Prep with the BLC staff!

Study for your exams with our brilliant Study Group Leaders, tutors & Staff!

CAS/SBS Courses: 10AM-5PM 

ACCT 201/202, BIO 111, CHEM 112/212, PHYS 112/152, EC 101/102, FIN 310, ISOM 201, STATS 250, MBA 640

Art & Design: 10AM-1PM at 75 Arlington St. 2nd Floor

Portfolio and Project Review for Foundation & Interior Design.

iPlan* 10AM-5PM

Whip your study schedule into shape with our Academic Coaches!

iFuel* 11:30AM-5PM

Shift your energy into overdrive with the SUPERs & Brain Power Trail Mix!

iPrep* 10AM & 3PM

Improve your study strategies at this illuminating workshop!

iRelax* 11AM & 2PM

Kick your stress to the curb with this stress-busting workshop!

Thursday April 26th from 10AM-5PM in 73 Tremont Building on the 9th Floor. Snacks and beverages will be offered throughout the day.

Call 617.573.8235 to learn more!



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